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Goodbye, Miss Nice Girl,

Hello, Miss Girl Boss!

Do nice girls finish last? Eh? most of the time they don’t even finish. The most strongest and successful women know the difference between being “nice” and being “too nice”. This is something I still struggle with till this day. I have a very passive personality that I constantly try to work on. Sometimes being too laid back can be a disadvantage when you’re trying to stand up for yourself. Here are some tips I’ve learned and continue to learn on how to speak up when necessary and stand tall.


  1. Practice authenticity: be honest with yourself and others. Get in the habit of speaking up when it’s necessary as well as demonstrating a sense of honesty that doesn’t come off as being an asshole. Be honest without the intention of hurting others. It’s important to build a sense of good character by showing others that you can be trustworthy.
  2. Understand the difference between assertiveness and aggression: to be assertive is to state an opinion while still being respectful of others (going back to practicing authenticity). When you’re assertive, others will take you seriously because of your respectful approach. People tend to stir away and become defensive when they’re being approach in an aggressive manner.
  3. Self confidence: Stay consistent with your words and actions. No one will take you seriously if you don’t mean what you say. Consistency helps others know what line to cross with you.


4. Baby steps: this a concept that will mold your character. Approach this as a process instead of a one day fix. Its okay to not grasp it at first as long as you put it to the test daily.

5. If all fails, fake it til’ you make it: that’s with everything in life, in my opinion. Faking it to the point where you’ve convince yourself that you’re no longer the nice, passive person, who’s afraid of letting others down. You actually have to not give a fuck (only for those who don’t serve you any purpose).

Not everyone is going to like you and I feel like sometimes when you’re too nice, you’re afraid of how others will view you if you don’t “please” them. At the end of the day, the only person that you have to please is yourself. Remind yourself that you have no control of others opinions and do what’s convenient for you and your life.

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Until next post…… Love Always Lo


  1. since I read the title it caught my attention, I feel identified beacuse i had a passive personality and after reading this i check all the situations I have gone through for been too nice, and i would definte going to apply those tips, thank you for this great post!


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