Bare it ALL – My Skin Care Regimen

Maintaining a skin care regimen is a priority every one should have. Yes, caking your face with make-up is nice and all but I’d rather go natural. I’m a big advocate on a minimal, natural look and embracing your skin.

I’m aware that its hard for other people to relate since not everyone has the same skin type.

I know that people feel insecure about their skin so it’s easier for people with (normal skin type) to embrace their natural look.

Trust me, I’ve had my moments of insecurities when I break out, but I try my best to find/use the right products that will benefit my skin.

It’s all about trial and error when trying to find the right set of products that fit your skin. I’ve been through hell and back with irritated skin by using the wrong cleanser/toner.

The products below are what have worked for MY SKIN TYPE (normal skin with a small amount of pink undertones), along with my daily routine.



Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Purity by Philosophy, Garnier Skinactive The Gentle Sulfate Free Cleanser.

Gel cleansers are beneficial to use than foam. It eliminates surface oil and acne-causing bacteria.

I apply this in the morning and evening as well as exfoliate once a week.


Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner and The Facial Spray.

After cleansing, I tone my face with the Aloe Vera and I use the Facial Spray before and after applying make-up. Also, when I’m on the go and need a refresher.

***IMPORTANT** DON’T use toner that contain alcohol. I used a CVS toner once when I started to use toners and it irritated my face. Alcohol dries out your skin and it lowers your vitamin A that it’s needed for antioxidant and keeps the tissue healthy.


Formula 10.0.6 Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask and Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask.

The masks are super underrated and affordable. You can purchase these at your local drugstore. The mud mask smells like strawberries and it’s not harsh on the face when it hardens. I use this at least once a week along with the peel mask. Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening peel mask is my favorite because it revives my face whenever it starts to look dull. I try to do this mask in the morning so I can have a nice glow throughout the day.



Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop

Tea tree oil has been the cure for any acne I’ve encountered. I used to not believe people when they would tell me how fast it works BUT trust me!! This is the real deal. A couple of weeks back I had a massive pimple on my cheek that literally hurt! It was one of those bad boys. Anyways, I applied it twice a day (morning/evening) after cleansing and within a week it was clear. NOTHING! and for those skeptics, I have photos to prove it down below. I’m guilty of popping my zit when they are white heads but I know It’s THE WORST thing you can do. I’ve been told that using 100% tea tree oil is NOT a good idea, since it’s so strong. So I recommend when purchasing these oils make sure it’s a small percentage. I personally like The Body Shop products since they’re cruelty free and inexpensive.

Facial Serum: Valjean Labs Hydrate

I’ve always been scared to use serum just because they leave my face too oily and it breaks me out. BUT! my friends introduced me to Valjean Labs. I’ll be honest, I only purchased the Hydrate one because I was still skeptical BUT it leaves your face soft! I use it as a moisturizer. For a serum it does NOT leave your face oily. The hydrate contains Hyaluronic acid which helps keep your skin plump and young-looking. It also contains Vitamin B5 which soothes and help restore skin. I’ve seen these go for $15 at Urban Outfitters but if you go to Marshalls and search through the tons of skin care products that they have piled up, you can get it for less. I purchased mine for just $5.99.



I’m going to be completely honest, I just started getting facials last year. I didn’t realize how much hidden dirt was under my skin. My skin was brutal, I had rashes from previous products that irritated my face. I thought it was never going to go away. After my first facial, my skin looked tremendously new. My skin color was restored and it felt rejuvenated. Definitely recommend, if you’re in the Miami area to visit the DragonFlySpa.

The service is amazing and welcoming. I was attended by Evelyn and she was just the sweetest. It’s not awkward and you feel right at home. The place is well-kept, clean and just beautiful.

Annabel’s Way Photography

wrapping up…

Aside from using the right skin care products, what you eat also has a huge influence on your skin. I’ve cut down on sugar and currently weening off of dairy products. This made a huge difference on my skin texture as well as increasing my water intake, cutting off fast food and soda. Currently my skin has never looked this good. I’ve been embracing the natural look by wearing less make up and show off my new glow. It’s still a work in progress but I’ve never felt better. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any recommendations for maintaining a healthy skin.

until next time, LOVE ALWAYS LO


  1. I hope this post helped! I do a lot of research before trying a product. Not every products works for everyone so try to find one that will work for your skin type. It’s all about trial and error 🙂 eventually you’ll find the products that are right for you ❤️


  2. Thank you so much! And yes you should go to this place. They’re very nice! It was my first facial and my face going in was horrible! I used the wrong products before which left me a rash. It took about a month after the facial for my face to heal but it’s worth it. I would definitely recommend!


  3. Your skin looks AMAZING Leslie. I definitely need to make my way to Dragon Fly Spa. I had one facial ever and it hurt SO BADD. I came out looking more red and irritated than how I came in. It was the worst.

    Liked by 1 person

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