The mission for ComoLaLeslie is to inspire and empower women from all over the world. This blog is an open space for any race, age, nationality and ethnicity to support and encourage one another. To speak about topics that are pushed aside and advocate positive values. Along with fashion and lifestyle, ComoLaLeslie’s goal is to motivate women to embrace themselves and follow their dreams. Together we can prosper and live a life where self-love and self-worth is a priority.

Hi, I’m Leslie and I am the founder of ComoLaLeslie. I was born in Miami, Florida and raised by my Nicaraguan parents. Coming from an Hispanic, low-middle class household I’ve witness the perseverance and hardcore work ethics that most immigrants have. Struggle makes you humble. I remember some days where I couldn’t get what I wanted as a child because there wasn’t “enough” money. Struggle makes you appreciate. Work hard until you make it. Once you’ve made it, work harder to stay on top. I started this blog to walk you through my life, my struggles, my accomplishments and more. I hope I can inspire you to walk by my side and be the Girl Boss that you were born to be.

Now that we’ve officially started, there’s no turning back!

until next time, LOVE ALWAYS LO


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